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WoW Arena matches at Electronic Sports World Cup


So the Electronic Sports World Cup is running in France from Thursday to Sunday, and while WoW wasn't one of the featured games, they did have exhibition matches between one of the top European PVP teams, Millenium, and the top PVE team, Nihilum. The teams played 5v5 matches with premade, pre-geared characters. For those of you into the 5v5 thing, Millenium sported a priest, shaman, warrior, paladin, and mage, while Nihilum used ... mostly the same lineup, except with a druid instead of a priest.

Unsurprisingly, Millenium creamed Nihilum 5-0: PVP players tend to beat PVE players at PVP, as it should be. But another interesting result of the match was the ton of pictures taken of the teams. I'm shocked that super-hardcore WoW players can look so ... normal. And blond. Awake kind of looks like that guy who played Doogie Howser, and Kungen is like seven feet tall. Also, the fanboys attempting to look cool made me laugh a little.

What do you guys think about WoW as a competitive gaming sport? How about the team makeup -- does it say something about what classes are underpowered in arena settings?

Edited that add that the "ton of pictures" thread contains two of the funniest statements ever on the WoW forums: "English people call it soccer, americans call it football" and "they all buy massive amounts of cash for real money."

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