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Zatz gets cozy with Moxi's forthcoming DVRs

Darren Murph

Unfortunately, we can't fill you in on hard pricing or availability information on Moxi's impending DVR lineup just yet, but Mr. Dave Zatz was able to get a feel for what they'll be like when that time finally comes. Swinging through Digeo's office, he was able to spend a little time with the firm's Home Cinema HD DMR -- which sports both ATSC and NTSC tuners, an integrated 5.1 audio amplifier, and strangely lacks CableCARD support -- and the Multi-Room HD DMR (read: the impressive one). The latter unit is CableCARD-friendly, comes bundled with a Moxi Mate extender for multi-room viewing, and will support HD streaming via 1394 over coax. Both devices include a built-in CD / DVD drive (no high-definition options?), can interface with networked PCs, and even feature eSATA expansion ports for upping the storage. Of course, nothing official has been leaked, but Zatz got the impression that a "fall release" was in the realm of possibility. Tag the read link for more of the hands-on goodness.

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