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Anyone see the Xbox 360 robot in Transformers?

Ryan Block, @ryan

We know there's a Transformers video game out for the 360 right now, but did anyone see that brief shot of the Xbox 360 transforming into a Decepticon? We definitely saw the Mountain Dew dispenser change over and start shooting crazy missiles and what have you, but we missed the 360 -- perhaps because we're all pretty near-sighted from our 19-hour shifts blogging about gadgets seven days a week. Those daring enough to video at the theater -- hit us up!

Update: Big ups to Highway Gentleman for sending in a shot! No wonder we heard it but missed it on-screen -- they loudly played the 360 bootup sound, but the box that grows arms and attacks its owner was actually only on screen for maybe a second or so. Now we'd like to know, why the hell wasn't it an Elite?

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