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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: E3 checklist edition [update]

Ross Miller

With E3 next week, the Joystiq crew has been frantically searching for all of our essential items for the conference. We've scoured Flickr to see dozens of images of people throwing their packing lists (image not our list; via Tengaport), and we've compiled what we think is the quintessential list of E3 packings, listed after the break.

Here are our picks for best game-related webcomics of the week*, be sure to vote for your favorite!

Transformer Xbox 360s! (post)
My grandpa ain't no mankey
Zombie powder
Dawn of the Dead
A casual chat
Fictitious Pulp **

* Let's preempt the chatter: Penny Arcade wasn't game-related this week.

** Update: Fanboys Online is back up, sort of -- the strip itself is, at least. Just in case something should happen there, Tim from 2P Start is hosting the strip, too.

Joystiq's List of E3 Essentials

  • Digital camera, preferably one with a lens
  • Deodorant: this isn't a jab at some age-old gaming nerd stereotypes, people just sweat a lot.
  • Towel: don't go anywhere without a towel
  • Bookbag or other similar carrying case -- we can't trust Nintendo to give us one again this year.
  • Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, because idle hands means wasted time not gaming.
  • Wires and memory cards -- even if you don't need them, it helps you look important.
  • Assorted game-related t-shirts to augment geek chic
  • White headphones. The iPod is still cool, and even if you don't have one, it's still fashionable to stick white headphones in your ear and just walk around and look like you're enjoying some rocking rawking tunes.
  • A custom-made Master Chief helmet. Did that Microsoft representative throw you out for trying to steal a demo disc with Halo 3 on it? Don your helmet, change shirts and try again!
  • Laptop: the blogger's weapon of choice. Keep it secret, keep it safe.
Did we miss anything? Let us know below!

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