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Cowon's longevous iAudio 7 now shipping

Darren Murph

If you're scouting a music player that can keep the jams rolling into the third day of an up-all-night long weekend, you've got a few options outside of the iAudio 7, but we doubt you'll find one this sexy. Cowon's latest flash-based device -- rated for 60 hours of playback sans a recharge -- is finally ready to delight, as the company has just announced that the silver accented 4GB unit and red accented 8GB flavor are both shipping to US customers as we speak. Of course, we're sure the audiophiles are well aware of the potent integrated amplifier, built-in five-band equalizer, and lossless file support, but those just catching up can get their orders in now for $169.99 or $219.99 depending on capacity.

[Via PlayerBites]

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