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E3 opens up trailer for Legendary: The Box

Kevin Kelly

Seriously, Pandora's Box ... why do people keep opening that thing? Unless there's a sign taped to it that says "Free donuts inside!", it's hard to understand why anyone would want to open this up. Plus take a look at how nasty Spark has made the it look. It's not exactly the kind of box that screams for you to open it up. We're getting a distinct vibe that it's not too appealing to the touch.

Of course, there's always a troublemaker somewhere in the group. Check out the nastiness that invades after someone takes a peek inside in Legendary: The Box. Mystical creatures and beasties attacking a modern-day world? Sounds like what the single player version of Shadowrun could have been. "Coming soon for next generation console and PC" ... just one console. But which one?!

The game will be out sometime in Spring 2008. Check out the press release after the break.

Cockpit, Austin, Texas – July 9, 2007 – Spark Unlimited today announced that Gamecock Media Group will publish their new gaming intellectual property, Legendary: The Box. Set to release in Spring 2008 on PC and next-generation platforms, Legendary: The Box presents a world suddenly thrust into chaos and turmoil when ancient creatures of myth are unleashed into modern day society.

"Like most developers, we've always had a dream game that we've secretly been working on," said Craig Allen, CEO of Spark Unlimited. "We've made a name for ourselves with World War II first-person shooters, but Legendary: The Box is our labor of love. It's a thrill to work with Gamecock; they want to see the game completed exactly as we envision it."

"If there is one genre that needs a shot in the arm, it's the first-person shooter," said Harry Miller, Head of Development of Gamecock Media Group. "Spark's Legendary: The Box is going to be a classic, in terms of story, game-play and technology. I'm inspired by where they're taking the genre."

Legendary: The Box tells the story of Charles Deckard, an art thief who is duped into stealing Pandora's Box. When he opens the box, he releases hordes of beasts thought to be fictional – such as werewolves and gryphons – into an unprepared modern world. A full scale war between man and myth begins, and it is quickly complicated by the actions of powerful secret societies. As the person responsible for releasing this terror, Deckard's unwittingly become the only person capable of containing it once more and saving civilization from being destroyed by the terrifying creatures of the box.

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