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Free Shark Week & Unlock Xbox downloads

Dustin Burg

We advise US Xbox Live members to swim on over to the XBLM to download a few newly free themes and gamer pictures. Discovery Channel is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Shark Week by giving away a (somewhat bland) shark theme and a set of shark gamer pictures. And what more can we say, they're sharky? But if you hate sharks or just like Doritos, then you'll be pleased to know that there is also a free Unlock Xbox inspired theme and gamer picture set available too.

And allow us to vent a little here and point out that the Unlock Xbox theme bothers the heck out of us. Why? Because the background colors don't match the freakin' blade colors! It looks like the designers tried to match the colors, but got sort of confused by the time they painted the media blade. Hey theme makers, is it that hard to match a few colors? End rant.

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