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Gaming while driving laws coming soon


As states pass legislation to curb the distractions of drivers, we can't help but agree with one bit of anti-gaming legislation: gaming and driving laws. Considering the number of people that have either come close to, or have fully experienced, the fun of somebody hitting your car because they are on their cell phone -- we're cool with many states attempting to pass gaming and driving laws. If they try to pass coffee drinking and gaming laws there'll be some drama though.

Approximately 12 states are trying to forbid drivers from playing video games or using computers and/or fax machines while they drive. Pity the person who still faxes and fear the fool who does it driving. The New York Senate, although having a slew of crazy video game bills, did recently pass S634-C, which should stop gaming and driving. But having a law and enforcing it are two separate worlds. It is expected to be finalized when the Assembly Codes Committee comes back from summer recess.

[Via GamePolitics]

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