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Jack Tretton: "The PS3 is still dominant."

Jared Rea

Appearing on CNBC this morning to discuss the PlayStation 3 price drop, SCEA CEO Jack Tretton went toe-to-toe with reporter Bill Griffeth. An interview that, while pithy, failed to answer the one question that everyone seems to be asking concerning the price drop and subsequent $600 model.


The honest truth is that folks like ourselves and Bill Griffeth know the reasons why, after only 230 days on the US market, Sony has cut the cost of the PlayStation 3. But like a bunch of oiled up wrestlers entering a cage match, we just want to hear them say it. While he doesn't ride Tretton for the introduction of another $600 model, that doesn't mean he bucks him gently either. The "10 year strategy" spin sounds nice when considering the history of the PlayStation brand, but the odds have never been this stacked against their favor.

CNBC does manage to misquote some vital numbers as their "worldwide sales" are actually the US sales. Tretton closes with "the PS3 is still dominant," though the numbers are telling quite the story.

[via Game|Life]

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