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Sony's 80GB PS3 to include SIXAXIS with rumble?


It's all coming so fast. No sooner does Sony fess up to August price cuts than we start hearing tell of a response from the 360 camp, and now it sounds like Sony has even more goodies for the PS3 faithful. First off is a Circuit City memo that got forwarded to us showing those price cuts indeed happening today. It'll get advertised next week, but if those shelf jockeys are doing their jobs, you should supposedly be able to walk into a Circuit City right this minute and walk out with a brand new 60GB PS3 for $499. To add further drama to the situation, people are taking clues from the 80GB PS3 box as proof of the inclusion of a "Rumblaxis" (fancy new word courtesy of PS3 Fanboy) controller being included with the new system that's set to launch in August. People are conjecturing the red light on the Home button is a clue to such rumble functionality, and eagle-eyed readers have also noted that the "Contents" section of the box has more text describing the SIXAXIS item than can be found on the 60GB box. To be honest, we're not spotting the difference, but feel free to make up your own mind with the links provided below. Check out the Circuit City memo after the break.

[Thanks, Vagrant Pistol]

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From: XXXX XXXX, Sales Development (XX XXXX)
Approved message.

Effective immediately (Today, Monday, July 9, 2007), a permanent $100 Price Break is in effect on the PlayStation 3 - resulting in a new low price of $499.99 on the SON 98000.


1. The SON 98000 is currently advertised (at $599.99) with a free wireless controller (SON 98040), and due to the unexpected price drop you will need to manually adjust the price today on the SON 98000 to $450.00 and the 98040 (controller) to $49.99 for a total of $499.99. The PKG will be adjusted to ring correctly starting tomorrow Tuesday, July 10

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