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Red lighting on 80GB PS3 box not a sign of rumble [update]

Ross Miller

One single red light has spurred rumors that the newly-announced 80GB PlayStation 3 has a shaking Sixaxis controller (or "shake-axis," if you will) packed into the SKU. Another clue comes from an Engadget reader who says that the Contents section of the box has "more text describing the SIXAXIS item than can be found on the 60GB box."

To us, the Home button light looks just like a reflection of the background. Or maybe it's just a cosmetic difference so you can say, "hey guys, I bought an 80GB PS3 and here's my red light Sixaxis to prove it!" We've contacted Sony for more information. From Dave Karraker, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications: "It is just a lighting trick. Nothing different or new about it."

Update: According to Patrick Seybold on the official PlayStation.Blog, "Just want to clarify for those wondering why the PS Button on the controller is red. That is what happens when you charge the ... 'debug' controller. It is not a sign or indication of a new/different controller with the 80GB model."

[Via Engadget, PS3 Fanboy; thanks, BulletToothTony]

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