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Wii Ware's first: Plattchen Twist 'n' Paint


The Wii Ware gold rush seems to have started. Austrian developer Bplus announced that they have the official okay from Nintendo to release a game on the download service. The game, Plattchen Twist 'n' Paint, is a "puzzle shooter ... which has been designed specifically for Wii and its innovative new controller." No idea when it'll come out, of course, since that would inadvertently tip Nintendo's hand about the real Wii Ware release timeline. Assume a release date between "2007 holiday season!" and "When monkeys fly out of my butt."

Bplus was smart to make this announcement now when it'll get the most attention. We get the feeling that there will be a massive influx of Wii Ware announcements in a few days.

[Via 4cr]

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