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AAPL hits record highs, up 55% over 6 months


The charts tell the story: AAPL is feeling the iPhone bump. Even without today's $2 runup on the on-again/off-again iPhone Nano rumors (triggering a busy day: 14% more AAPL trades than usual), the stock is now solidly up 55% year to date, putting Apple's market capitalization as of today's close hovering near $115 billion. Whatever aggravation or gripes one might have with Apple's newest product, it's clear that Wall Street is feeling the iPhone love in a big way.

Something really interesting might happen this week if the spike continues: Apple, Inc. market value may soon surpass that of the company where Steve & Steve got their start: Hewlett-Packard. HP's market cap is $117B, by no means out of reach considering the circumstances. (Of course, Google's market cap is over $162B... but that's just craziness.)

Disclaimer: I hold Apple, Inc. stock. Split-adjusted, I bought it at about $13. Never give up -- never surrender.

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