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Blue&Me-equipped Fiat 500 to hit Europe this year

Darren Murph

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A proposal made way back in February of last year is finally bearing fruit, as Microsoft and Fiat have finally made good use of their long-standing partnership. At the 2007 Geneva Motor Show, the two announced that the Blue&Me system would indeed be shipping in the Fiat 500 this year, and it was noted that "top-end" versions would get the system built right in, while entry-level 500 buyers could opt for it as a factory option for an undisclosed price. The do-it-all in-car technology system "guarantees owners an outstanding combination of intuitive, hands-free navigation, communications, and entertainment features,"and while exact launch dates by market weren't noted, Italians can expect the newly-featured 500s to arrive first, while those in Germany and UK will get served by the year's end. Click on through for a few more shots of the vehicle.

[Via TechDigest, images courtesy of Slashgear]

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