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Bored? Try playing 4,000 games.


Twin Galaxies, the as-official-as-it-gets record keepers of the videogame realm, recently printed a revised edition of its Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records. The tome details 4,000 arcade games with current high scores for each one. Gamer Rocky Howard is convinced many of those records are there simply because no one can be bothered to find the arcade machine to play (emulated game scores are not allowed). As a result, Rocky's new life goal is to play every game listed to see how "feasible the scores listed are", then seek out the arcade machines to have his name plastered throughout the book.

The experiment began just over a month ago and Rocky is currently on his 14th game. At this rate it will take him over 25 years to work through everything, at which point finding the original machines will be about as easy as unearthing a t-rex femur with a spork in your backyard. But hey, gotta have a hobby, right?

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