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Corporate viral video showcase: Philips and Fon

Nilay Patel

We've seen a lot of pretty bad corporate attempts to woo the YouTube crowd -- for every Will It Blend? there's a million PSP disasters -- so these two clips from Fon and Philips score some points for actually making us smile. Fon unleashed a WiFi-seeking matador with a ridiculous fake accent on the streets of San Francisco, eventually sending him to a Starbucks to curse the high access charges and champion the Fon Community. It's not exactly a knee-slapper, but it's fairly amusing when the guy calls it "Wi-fee." On the other hand, Philips' mockumentary for their Bodygroom manscaper is one of the best virals we've seen in a long time -- the sad story of Frank "Furback" Sack and his walk-through Coney Island body hair remover is an inspiration to us all, if only for sheer number of double entendres it contains. Check both videos after the break. (Warning: the Philips video has some mildly blue language in it.)


Philips Bodygroom:

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