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Samsung readies YouTube-friendly SGH-L760 for European release

Darren Murph

Hot on the heels of LG's own announcement to finally hop on the growing YouTube handset bandwagon comes the Samsung SGH-L760, which is just about set to invade Europe and suck away even more hours of life as eager customers browse videos on their handset. The 3G mobile will reportedly play nice with YouTube, uBlog, and Buzznet, and aims to allow users the opportunity to upload the ups and downs of their daily lives onto the world wide web with ease. Reportedly, the phone will sport a 200 x 176 resolution display, two-megapixel camera, FM radio, Bluetooth, MP3 player, web browser, microSD expansion slot, and an RSS reader to boot. While no mention of a pricetag was made, Germans can expect to find out later this month, while other locales in Europe should have access to the L760 shortly thereafter.

[Via PhoneScoop]

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