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Why raid the Crossroads?


When I regularly played Alliance, I didn't bother. Raiding the Crossroads seemed like a waste of time when there were so many instances to run to get loot or battlegrounds to run to get honor (more honor than the occasional HK in the Barrens would give me, at any rate). Why run all the way out to the Crossroads to hassle the Horde and receive no loot and little or no honor? And now that I usually play Horde, I find it annoying when a group of level 70 Alliance come and spend an hour or more wiping out every NPC in the Crossroads. Hey, guys -- think you could leave the flightmaster alive for long enough to me to pick up the flight path? Please?

My only thoughts on the matter are that city raids like the near-constant assaults on the Barrens are an amusing change of pace for bored high levels... and I admit, fighting off Alliance in the Barrens are an entertaining distraction. But, really -- don't Crossroads raids eventually get as boring as any other existing content in the game? So I ask you, dear readers, do you spend your time in-game battling for the Crossroads? And if so, why?

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