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BMW's M3-simulating M3


If you're not content to simply simulate other vehicles in actual cars, or simulate driving actual cars in video game simulations, perhaps you would enjoy this combination from BMW, which allows you to play a simulation in the actual vehicle you're simulating. All a bit meta for you? Don't worry, all that's going on here is that BMW has rigged up its $100,000+ M3 with a projector in the backseat, and wired the steering, transmission and pedals to control and react to a racing sim (which is based on the M3's handling). The system also feeds data back to the car's hydraulics, allowing it to shake and bounce in sync with gameplay. Probably not as much fun as driving the real thing, but definitely cheaper. Be sure to check the video after the break to hear a completely over-zealous car nerd acting like he's never seen Outrun before.

[Via Joystiq]

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