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FileMaker 9 released


You'd be forgiven for thinking, especially reading our coverage and stories elsewhere, that the only new product to come out of Apple, Inc. in the past two weeks was some sort of bizarre chimera mutant love child of an iPod and a cellphone. Not true! Hardworking and underappreciated subsidiary FileMaker has lovingly crafted version 9 of its namesake desktop database, to the joy and glee of DB geeks near and far.

Version 9 continues the trend of power-user upgrades for FileMaker, adding dramatically improved SQL integration with MSSQL, MySQL and, Oracle back ends; there's also a code-free PHP setup tool in FileMaker Server for database-powered web pages at an instant. More than 30 new features in total are gracing the FM website, so by all means check it out. Upgrades start at $179 for FileMaker Pro.

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