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It came from the Blog: Questalicious

Mike Schramm

Yes, once again it's time for our weekly(-ish) IcftB get together-- our guild over on Zangarmarsh is still hopping around like toads eating jumping beans, and it seems like there's quite a few people hanging out almost every day now. But we still want to try and keep up the events, because it's always fun for us to get together as a big group and make a splash.

So our next guild event is going to be next Monday, July 16th, at 6pm server time (I believe that's 8pm Eastern). We're going to be doing quests of all kinds-- elite quests, group quests, instance quests, solo quests, lowbie quests, chain quests. You name it, we're going to do it. If you've had a quest sitting on your IcftB character for a while, but haven't finished it, Monday night will be the time to get it done. Or if you're interested in helping out some of the other characters with finishing their quest (and catching up to your level-- I'm looking at you, Feralpuppy, who's somehow level 65 already!). Of course, some quests will be in instances, so we'll also do some instance running. And there will likely be some BGs in there as well, as long as I can make it to 29 by then.

If you haven't joined us on Horde side Zangarmarsh, please do (just send a tell to anyone in guild), and hopefully we'll see you Monday night for some questin' good times.

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