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Joystiq live at the Konami E3 07 press conference


The Konamegaton is nigh. Join us for our liveblog of the Konami press conference from E3 2007.

5:51PM - The press conference has yet to begin. We have front row seats to see if we can catch anything big.

5:53PM - Mark Franklin joins the stage. He introduces Anthony Krause, VP of marketing. He's hyping "exclusive" announcements for the conference today.

5:56PM - "Today we're announcing two new DDR titles." Wait ... didn't we already cover this?

5:57PM - More games we already know about: Contra 4 for DS. Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles and Silent Hill Origins for PSP. Dewey's Adventure for Wii. Metal Gear Solid 4 for PS3. Finally, the Hellboy game for PSP, PS3 and Xbox 360. Fishing Master for WIi. When are we getting something we haven't heard about?

6:00PM - At least it was brief. "They say war is hell ..." Silent Hill 5 teaser rolls on screen. The game is being developed simultaneously for PS3 and Xbox 360. Alex will use "full use of his military training" to help find his sibling, lost in Silent Hill. Famed Silent Hill composer will be creating yet another original soundtrack for the sequel.

6:04PM - Hideo Kojima takes the stage. He talks about E3: Many people told him not to go to the newly designed E3. Regardless, he wanted to go to the show. "I love E3. I know it's a business show, but I know it's an important show." He talks about debuting his new Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer at E3, and notes: "I hope my E3 will return next year." The crowd applauds.

6:07PM - Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer from Sony press conference plays on the screen. Yes, it still looks good.

6:12PM - Unfortunately, that's the end of the show. Silent Hill 5 was the Konamegaton. Enjoy!

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