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Sony announces Echochrome

Zack Stern

At Sony's Keynote press conference, Phil Harrison introduced, Echochrome, saying it has "possibly the least graphics and most gameplay of any title you are going to see this week." The puzzle game, in development by Sony's internal Japanese studio, seemingly has players direct an outline of a drawing-model doll walking through black-and-white, three-dimensional mazes.

The levels resemble MC Escher doodles and optical illusions, with a distant leg of a puzzle becoming the top layer after a quick rotation. While little was explained other than a simple preview video, players seem to control Echochrome by these rotations, changing and warping perspective.

Harrison didn't announce a shipping date, but he noted that several games, including Echochrome would be available by March, 2008. The game will be available for PSP on UMD and for PS3 download on the Playstation Network.

See photos of this mind-bender after the break.

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