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Sony announces Infamous, new sandbox PS3 game from Sly Cooper devs


With GTA IV going to Xbox 360 as well, Sony's itching for some exclusive sandbox action for their Playstation 3. Enter Infamous, a new open-ended action/exploration game from Suckerpunch, the developers of the Sly Cooper games.

Phil Harrison, COO of Sony Computer Entertainment, introduced the game at Sony's E3 2007 keynote, showing what appeared to be in-game footage of a main character using numerous superpowers. An odd blur of City of Heroes and Crackdown, players will determine whether they want their characters to become heroes or villains in the course of gameplay, with supposedly different powers and missions as a result. Very little is known about Infamous at the moment, and with no rough release date mentioned, the game is presumed to be in the early development stages.

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