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World of Cryingcraft

David Bowers

This one gave me a good chuckle: "World of Cryingcraft" is a deadpan voice reading of the various self-contradicting complaints you always hear about different classes. I could swear I've read a lot of these exact words before on the forums many, many times, so it's quite refreshing to hear them absuldly read aloud in what sounds to me like a cheery computer voice. I especially like how the voice uses all the silly forum language as if it were perfectly natural, such as when he says, "Sometimes I dodge them and then they overpower my face off for literally 2000 damage." and "Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. You know what else is stupid?" (as if we'd really like to know).

Be warned that there's lots of cheerful-but-nasty swearing in this (so it's not so safe for work or kids), as well as a surprise ending once the topic turns to shamans. If you really hate swearing (or hold very strong opinions about class complaints) you may not find this very funny, but if you think all the class crying is absurd, you'll probably enjoy it.

[Via AFK Gamer]

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