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ATT, NTT DoCoMo partner up on 3G rollout for Hawaii

Darren Murph

As more and more companies join in the fight to nix international roaming charges, it's not too shocking to find NTT DoCoMo taking the shortest route to the US and hooking up with AT&T on a 3G rollout. More specifically, DoCoMo has apparently agreed to provide "technical assistance" and shell out "up to $24 million" in financial support for the deployment of AT&T's 3G network in the state of Hawaii. Under the deal, AT&T will launch a 3G network based on W-CDMA technology, and from what we can tell, DoCoMo customers vacationing in Hawaii won't be faced with those pesky roaming rates. Sadly, no hard timeline was laid out, but the island of Oahu should be lit by the year's end, while the rest of the state will get served "in early 2008."

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