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Halo 3 Rumors: New grenade type and map editor

Dustin Burg

E3 has produced a few Halo 3 rumors that have been brewing deep inside the internets for the past few days. One of the rumors comes straight out of the Halo 3 E3 trailer when it was quickly noticed that a few of the trailer's video clips include what looks to be a new grenade type. The grenade type, as seen above, was mentioned in Joystiq's Halo 3 trailer analysis where they referenced the icon's look to The Art of Halo book, and it looks very similar to what is called the Supa Double Cap Bomb. Though, the art book's description of the Cap Bomb is nothing more than a flash grenade that shoots out sparky sparks, but here's to hoping said flash grenade has a Gears of War "stun" effect.

The second rumor comes from 1UP and their Halo 3 campaign impressions writeup. In their article, they mention that while watching the demo they saw a menu option called "Forge" and when they asked Bungie about it, they received no comment. Well, any good Marathon fanboy would know that Bungie used a program also called Forge to create levels in their Marathon series. So, does this Halo 3 Forge menu option confirm some type of multiplayer map customization? Possibly. What we do know is that some of these rumors could be cleared up in the September issue of EGM which will include brand new Halo 3 details. We can't wait.

[Via Live-360, Thanks Daniel Allen]

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