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"WhoNeedsAniPhone" for WM users in iPhone denial

Chris Ziegler

We're personally of the opinion that the best way to cure iPhone envy is to... you know, buy an iPhone, but we understand there are plenty of reasons why folks might be forced to admire from afar. A lengthy contract might be stifling your inner free spirit, for example; maybe the lack of 3G is just too much to bear (YouTube addicts, we're looking at you). The aptly-named "WhoNeedsAniPhone" project seeks to ease the pain of this demographic -- likely a sizable one -- by using Flash Lite to bring the iPhone's key visual elements to touchscreen-enabled Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices. Key goals for the release (which isn't yet available -- sign up to beta test it at the site) include a functional launcher, slide-style lock screen, and weather widget; baby steps, yes, but when you consider that the real iPhone's visual fireworks nearly match its actual functionality, that ain't a bad list.

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