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Xbox 360 exec Robbie Bach's personal red ring of death: insider sales?


Robbie Bach, Microsoft's executive in charge of the Xbox game console, raised a few eyebrows recently when he sold millions in Microsoft stock just prior to going public with Xbox 360 woes. In a review of SEC filings, Robbie sold some $6.2 million worth of company stock between May 2 and Microsoft's July 5th announcement of charges exceeding $1 billion for Xbox 360 repairs. It is of course perfectly normal for high-ranking corporate execs to turn over company stock. However, this is typically done according to a schedule in order to deflect concerns over insider trading -- Bach's trades followed 8 months of zero sales. Microsoft's stock did not make a significant move after the announcement which, in legal hindsight, has led some insider watchdogs to give Robbie the benefit of the doubt. We'll see if the SEC is so forgiving.

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