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X3F/Joystiq reader meetup today in Santa Monica


If you live in the Santa Monica area or if you're in town for E3, be sure to take time to attend the X3F / Joystiq reader meetup. This will be our first meetup EVAR, so we want to make it extra special for those who attend. There will be free food and drinks, and the first to show up will receive free Joystiq T-shirts. Not only that but we'll be giving away lots of spiffy swag that we've accumulated this week. If you've got the time, we'd love to see you there. It's an all ages event, so don't hesitate to bring the tykes.

When: 6PM-9PM on Friday 13th
Where: Mahalo HQ, 902 Colorado Ave. Santa Monica 90401 (Google Maps link)

In case you've already seen this post, we'll be moving it up throughout the day so we can get the word out. And no, you haven't gone crazy.

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