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Joystiq hands-on: Carnival Games


Carnival Games
is exactly what it says it is. A Wii game that uses the Wiimote to mimic 25 carny games without the need to actually experience the smell of one. The title holds 25 games at the semi-steep $40 for a collection of minigames. The video pretty much tells all you need to know about this title. It's as simple as can be, while attempting to create depth by adding new things to your character as you win carnival tickets.

The game itself is perfectly basic fun minigames and is clearly designed for a family with small children. The guys showing the game reminded us that adults can use it as a drinking game, which isn't actually a bad idea and pretty much the only way a reasonable adult would play this. The thing that saves the game is that the minigames work just fine -- nothing more, nothing less. It's nothing special, but it's just not bad either, which you could say about a lot of games out there anyway.

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