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Late Show writer doesn't find humor in smoking G4 adapter


Looks like Justin Stengel of The Late Show with David Letterman picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue... since he was able to detect the acrid odor of his G4 power adapter scorching and sparking its way through the cord insulation. Whoops. The rather laconic response from the Genius Bar ("We've got those in stock, if you want to come buy a new one") is not going to win any points either, but it may lead to this:

Top Ten Other Uses for a G4 Power Adapter:

10. Works as mosquito coil to repel robot mosquitoes
9. World's smallest curling iron for eyebrow use
8. Hotwire Dave's car at the impound lot
7. Secretly inside every Ronco Home Defibrillator
6. Latest "Betty Crocker" version of apple pie calls for smoked Apple
5. Gentle teasing -- spot-weld Biff Henderson's headset to his head
4. Perfect excuse to use your iPhone, call i911 and report an iFire
3. Cures under-desk fungus
2. Get two adapters, play 'Dueling Banjos' with fritzing noises

and the number one other use for a G4 power adapter...

1. Two words: DIY Taser

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