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PSP firmware 3.60 reveals hidden USB Charge feature


We got our hands on a fully functional redesigned PSP, and we immediately grabbed pictures of the firmware that was installed on the system. Currently unreleased, version 3.60 was installed on the system. All of the features that are available in 3.60 will not work on the old PSP system, and it's unclear whether or not an older PSP system will even display the features found in this update.

Check after the cut to see the screens.

UMD Cache is used to increase the load speeds of games. As revealed earlier, the cache is added RAM found in the redesigned system.

USB Charge allows players to charge their PSP battery by connecting their systems via USB. Previously, the system would drain power when stuck in USB mode.

Connected Display Settings contains the settings for the new video-out feature.

Within the display settings, PSP owners can change the type of TV that's connected, and settings for screensavers. We connected a PSP to a TV and were impressed by the results: UMD movies look fantastic, but games will be bordered. PSP games are rendered at 480x272, progressive scan only. Because it's output at 480x272, there will be black borders all around the image when playing on the television.

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