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Spotted in E3 Halo 3 demo: gravity hammer


We were lucky enough to snag a second look at Bungie's E3 presentation and, lo and behold, we were treated to a new weapon ... sort of. During the saved film portion of the presentation, we saw a Spartan soldier wielding what was clearly a gravity hammer, similar to the one wielded by Tartarus in Halo 2. While we didn't get to see the gravity hammer in action, we saw a still shot of a Spartan brandishing it and another of a Spartan with it slung over his back. Brian "Ske7ch" Jarrard of Bungie Studios suspiciously pointed the weapon out during a freeze frame and then promptly pointed out that he couldn't talk about it. He did this twice, so we get the feeling it may have been intentional. So, there you have it folks, hammers abound inHalo 3. Now all we need is a clever name for hammer whoring n00bs. Any suggestions?

[Image via Halopedia]

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