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Sessler: Don't judge unfinished Assassin's Creed

Dustin Burg

During Microsoft's E3 press conference, Ubisoft decided to demo their golden child Assassin's Creed, but things did not go as smoothly as they had hoped. You see, the demo was a tad buggy and suffered from bad collision detection, floating bodies and a somewhat questionable framerate. And everyone noticed. Assassin's Creed has suffered some negative press these past few days as some gamers have been bashing the on-stage demo and the game.

Enter G4 TV's Adam Sessler who climbed atop his soap box to tell gamers that we have no right to judge the game based on the bugs, because it just isn't finished. Sessler makes a great argument stating that video games are one of the only artistic mediums in which the artists allow fans to preview their work before it's complete. Bugs are normal in unfinished products, it's as simple as that. And we have to agree. Let's just take a deep breath and ignore Assassin's floating bodies. See, we bet you feel better already.

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