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Behind Sony's Echochrome is the OLE Coordinate System

Jared Rea

Echochrome was one of Sony's E3 surprises, captivating audiences with its simple elegance and twisted, conceptual gameplay. Appearing like an M.C. Escher take on Lemmings, just the sight of this PS3 and PSP title was puzzling in its own right. While it deserves praise for originality, Sony shouldn't get all the credit.

Meet the Object Locative Environment Coordinate System: the heart of Echochrome.

Developed by Japanese designer Jun Fujiki, his OLE Coordinate System is directly inspired by the famous paintings of M.C. Escher, going on to say that his program allows users to "create and experience their own Escher-esque worlds." The concept of eye tricks is the fundamental core of the OLE Coordinate System, making it so objects drawn at one angle have one meaning, while looking at it from another view can give it an entirely different one.

We still have no idea how Echochrome will play out, but now we can at least understand what we saw.

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