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Cross-Faction looting bug on Shartuul event


Straight from the realm of "you have to be kidding me" comes this post from the General Forums. In it, the poster Millock warns us of an extremely problematic bug -- cross-faction looting. Also, just in time for another Monday workday, the thread highlights some really charming behaviour involving stealing taps on a Boss while mid-event, and more than fulfills the General Forums drama quotient for the day.

According to Millock (Horde), he was working his way through the Shartuul's Transporter event, got to the end, spawned Shartuul, and before he could get the tap on him, two Alliance Players decided to charge in and take the tap from him. This was after they sat and watched Millock work his way through the event at a distance. Why? Because he's Horde, and it's a PvP server, of course! What is troubling is that after the two Alliance players died, Shartuul's nameplate reverted to colored (untapped) at which point Millock got what he considered his own tap back, killed him, and went to loot his item. However, apparently there is some bug in the event whereby both the two Alliance players and the one Horde player were all able to roll on the loot from Shartuul as if they were in the same party, despite being of completely different factions that shouldn't ever see each others loot windows. Millock rolled need, the other two did as well, and despite his kill, and all his work up to and including killing Shartuul, he lost the item to the two Alliance players.

As if adding insult to injury, the GM who Millock spoke to about this problem agreed that the cross-faction looting was indeed a serious bug to be looked into. However, he then informed him that despite Shartuul being part of a n event in which you have to stay in a demonic form for it, Shartuul is apparently considered an "outdoor boss" that just anyone can come along and tap. The two players in question, and several of their guild mates, have claimed that many GMs have confirmed that tapping other people's spawns while they are mid-event is totally acceptable. Furthermore, in the thread in question there are stories from other people that indicate that the Alliance guild in question has done this several times to others before. It also makes it fairly clear that they intend to continue to do so, as it is currently working as intended. After all, Blizzard made it so they can get the tap from others who are doing the event.

All personal feelings aside, the warning in regards to this event is extremely clear. With the cross-faction loot bug occurring, this event needs to be fixed yesterday. I know I certainly won't be wasting my time trying to complete the arc until Blizzard makes it clear that particular bug is fixed. Beyond that -- and back into the realm of personal opinion -- I feel it should be fixed so that any summoned boss that shows up while you're in the middle of an event shouldn't be tappable by anyone else but the person(s) currently involved in the event. I don't know about you, but if I put all the work into farming for any quest line involving a chain event like that, only to lose my boss loot to someone who just decided to sit around and wait for me to spawn the Bag O' Phat Lewtz for them, I'd be pretty angry too.

*Edited to update* Pavonum on the Customer Service forums is having the Devs look into it. Let's hope they not only fix the cross-faction looting issue, but also lock the Shartuul spawn so that only the person doing the event can tap it and get the loot that they worked for.

[via the General Forums]

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