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Leaflets: Another well done iPhone portal app

David Chartier

iPhone apps and portals are cropping up faster than you can say 'made exclusively for Safari,' and Leaflets has just leapt to the front of the line. Offering a streamlined, zippy UI for your iPhone apps, it features some impressive new portals for sites like Newsvine, New York Times and even the new portal that allows .Mac users to view their iGTD contexts, projects and tasks right on their iPhone (of course, this requires you to be synching iGTD over .Mac). This is one of the most impressive portals I've seen to date, as it ranks right up at the top of my list alongside Mojits.

Of course, the Leaflets site and virtually all the web apps it aggregates are free to use, evoking the perpetual question of "and your business model is... what again?" Nevertheless, Leaflets features great design with some of the best big and small iPhone apps available. Great work.

[via Daring Fireball]

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