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Manual reveals some details on newly redesigned PSP Lite

We already uncovered a couple of the details gleaned from the newly redesigned PSP's manual from our own experiences with the unit, but there's a couple we weren't aware of. Here's the list:
  • RAM has been doubled to 64MB, games should load faster
  • The new system will support charging over USB
  • The 1200mAh battery is rated at 3-6 hours, the same as the original PSP's 1800mAh battery (good news: more efficient, bad news: same overall runtime)
  • Original PSP remotes will not work with the new PSP
  • The fancy component AV cable will not be included (big surprise)
  • The PSP Lite features a TA-085 PCB ... so, uh, yeah ...
We'll admit it, we feel silly coveting this thing. Like the DS Lite, the PSP Lite is the same old PSP with a svelte new bod and yet, we're powerless to resist its charms. That new video-out functionality is pretty amazing though ... yeah, that's it.

[Via Engadget]

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