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Thinkware's iNAVI G1 karaoke GPS unit in the wild


How were we to know that karaoke would become the next must-have feature in Korean do-it-all navigation devices? Thinkware's 7-inch iNAVI G1, which we spotted a few weeks ago, does all that you would expect of such a GPS unit, like picture-in-picture T-DMB, MP3 / video playback, and games, but the "Digioke" feature for road trip singalongs really makes this one a winner in our book. There's a 2GB version for 549,000 KRW ($598 US) and a 4GB flavor for 599,000 KRW ($652 US). Hit up the read link for a few more flesh and blood pictures, but that's about as close as you're going to get to this thing unless you're planning a trip to South Korea sometime soon.

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