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BioWare talks about Sonic RPG, characters and pacing


Game|Life had a chance to interview BioWare President Greg Zeschuk, and CEO Ray Muzyka about the as-yet-unnamed Sonic the Hedgehog RPG being developed for the Nintendo DS. Although no specific details are revealed, the two reassure Game|Life that the series is in good hands.

Promising "fast-paced gameplay" and "a rich story," Muzyka and Zeschuk come off as genuinely excited to be working on the DS platform for the first time, and confident that they can deliver a product that is faithful to both the Sonic franchise, and to their previous RPG titles. Though very few gameplay details can be gleaned, the interview does reveal that BioWare plans on utilizing the "cool characters" and major plot elements from the Sonic games. Muzyka also mentions briefly at the end of the interview that the structure of the RPG will be designed for shorter bursts of play, in keeping with the portable format and the speedy pace of most Sonic titles. Let the speculation (and general apprehension regarding the "cool characters" comment) begin!

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