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Flickr Find: Apple shop at Best Buy


We've heard about them, and now Ian sends us his Flickr tour of the "Apple shop" inside a Best Buy. It's a weird combination-- Apple's elegance with Best Buy's garish discount electronics warehouse look-- but from what we've heard, it works.

Would you buy an Apple from Best Buy? Ian says the nearest Apple store is 15 miles away, so for actually buying and purchasing a Mac, I'd rather go to the Genius Bar. But of course this store isn't meant for me (even though I do buy games and electronics at Best Buy)-- it's meant for Windows folks coming in to get a new PC, and reconsidering for the purchase of an iMac.

The problem with that is that Apple doesn't compete on price, and Best Buy does (ironically enough, Ian points out that Best Buy's plans are actually more expensive than AppleCare). Apple competes on the pleasure of the UI and usability-- that's why Apple stores work so well, because the whole transaction is designed around using the item. Still, making their computers accessible and open like this even at Best Buy (as much as possible, anyway-- the place looks a little cramped) is a start at reaching the unwashed Windows masses and enticing them into a better world.

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