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Four Lost Planet map packs go free on Friday, 360 patch coming soon

Justin McElroy

If you've been holding out to buy the first two Lost Planet map packs on Xbox Live because you didn't want to part with 800 ($10) of your hard-won bought points, get that downloading thumb ready. On July 20, "Radar Field," "Island 902," "Hive Complex" and "Trial Point" will become free. They'll also be appearing on PC for the first time on that day, where they will, of course, be free. As we all know, everything is free on the PC, a Willy Wonka-esque playground of pornography and gratis delights.

Though they're late to the free party, 360 players can take comfort in the fact that the game will be getting a patch for connectivity issues at the end of July. Feel free to pretend that PC players both need it and have to pay for it, if it help gets you through the night. Of course, you'll then read that PC players will also get new characters like Frank West from Dead Rising and Mega Man. Check and ... mate.

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