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Guildwatch: A strange form of payback

Mike Schramm

Imagine for one second that you're an amazing raider (Yes, I know it's hard, but do it anyway). Imagine that a guild working on the Black Temple actually invites you out of your guild to come and raid with them. Would you do it? Would you leave your own guild behind just to go to the Black Temple? That's the choice that one guild's main tank was faced with, and he chose to leave his guild behind. And then they chose to log on to his account, and as payback, as you can see in the movie above, delete every one of his characters.

Ouch is right. Not quite sure that was called for (although, as someone points out, since he's got such a clear record of everything that was deleted, he'll probably be able to get it back from Blizzard). Still, not exactly the best way to congratulate your guildie on getting "promoted." That drama, and much more in this week's GW, which starts right after the jump. Want to send us juicy drama of your own? Drop a tip to


  • Valhalla on Stormreaver-H had a fun little /gquit happen on their first night in Magtheridon's Lair. Apparently their MT (according to our tipster) hasn't been doing his job holding aggro the last few weeks "like he used to," either because of gear or spec problems. So apparently after getting tired of being told "lrn2tank," he split on them in the middle of a raid. That must be a happy feeling for everyone involved.
  • The GM of Rotten Apple on Feathermoon-H sent us a note to say she appreciated our note about her guild beating Gruul last week, and says she's been through hell to get it done-- when she started up the guild in April, apparently there was a huge drama thread about how she killed guilds (because she's been in a lot of guilds that had run their course in the past), and apparently "Horde raiding on Feathermoon is like clawing your way up from the depths of a very deep grave." Ouch! Seriously, grats on the kill, and she promises good things ahead. Good luck!
  • An anonymous tipster says Rune on Maelstrom-A just rolled through a bit of drama-- apparently two of their Kara groups rolled right through, but the third group was having issues, and insiders say it was because the raidleader would rather cyberflirt with a girl than help the raid progress. The good news is that apparently they got it evened out (by evening out the groups), but we haven't heard what happened to the important part: did that guy get the girl or not?
  • Someone anonymous says that now that the attunements have been lifted on SSC and the Eye, lots of guild are apparently "looking to cherry pick the easier bosses like Void Reaver." Um, yeah, so? They still drop good loot, don't they? I see no problem with guilds that don't have the gear or the talent to beat, say, Vashj, taking out bosses like Void Reaver or Hydross. Bosses are made to be killed.
  • And finally, Krystalle gave me this nice bit of guild drama from Livejournal: After a Lightning's Blade guild's Main Tank /gquit to join a guild that was working on Black Temple, someone logged into his account and deleted all his characters. Yes, really. Oh, and the best part is that there's a movie (also above) and a TS recording of the aftermath. Yet another reason never to share your info with anyone-- anyone-- even if they're trusted guildies.
  • Another report on the progress of Hellscreams Marauders from Frostmane-H (not -mourn, which is apparently what I said last time, probably because I think it sounds better): they're past Curator (downed Maiden with a no-death one-shot, which is what we call around here a "Flawless Victory"), and are working on Illhoof and Shade. They're also recruiting tanks, healers and DPS-- check the site.
  • Acta Non Verba on Gurubashi killed off the Prince. Noice!
  • Fidelis on Elune-A just taught a lesson to Karazhan-- they cleared the whole thing for the first time in two days. Hardcore. Plus, check out their awesome photobox gallery. I'm amazed! (or maybe just easily amused)
  • Isengard on Darkspear also laid waste to Karazhan, dropping Attumen, Moroes and the Maiden on their first attempt and the Opera on the second. Later in the week, they rocked the Curator, too. Grats!
  • Dawn of Damnation on Quel'Dorei-A says they're claiming the server first kill of Gruul this week-- apparently the Hordies over there did down him, but they had to combine their top raiding guilds to do it.
  • Redeemed on Burning Blade-A has been doing well-- they dropped Gruul, Kara got cleared by group 2, and they're through phase two on Magtheridon. But they're still looking for a few more shadow priests (or as they like to call them "mana batteries"), and a resto shaman along with a moonkin.
  • Anvil on Stormscale-A has three teams beating Karazhan, and are now trying to get it down to 2 nights each. They also have downed Gruul.
  • Monkey Crew on Andorhal-A dropped Gruul, Mag, and Void Reaver all in one five hour night! Awesome. And oh yeah pix are here.
  • Lost Souls on Bleeding Hollow only formed on July 4th, and already they've downed Attumen, Moroes, and the Maiden. Very nice!
  • Carebear Refugees on Ursin-H dropped Gruul, and are still looking for high end healers.
  • The New Inquisition on Blackhand-A is proud to say that "after many attempts and some very bad puns, we finally downed Gruul!" Grats! On the kill, I mean, not the puns.
  • Hostile Tranquility of Moonrunner dropped Gruul (off at the park to play with his friends, right?), and have their sights set on SSC and the Eye.
  • And finally, Drop Bears (one of GW's favorite guilds) has finished off Karazhan! Woot!
  • Invíctus (who didn't think I'd get that accented i in there-- shows what they know) on Alexstrazsa-A needs a great tank for Kael'thas. They're willing to take a Prot Warrior, a Bear Druid, or, *gasp* a Protection Paladin. They must be really desperate!
  • Angry Lazer Monkeys on Frostwolf-H is still looking for good healers or offhealers for Gruul.
  • Lucidity on Thorium Brotherhood-A (crazy RPers) is also looking for healers to fill out their Karazhan groups.
  • Forsaken on EU Draenor-H is looking for Pallies, Shammies, Priesties, and Warriors... ies... for their first Karazhan team, and more if possible.
  • Victory or Whatever (winner of this week's Best Guild Name Award) on Aggramar-A is recruiting for the first time in over a year-- they want shadow Priests, resto Shamans and Druids, a few other healers, and a Warlock and DPS Melee class to help them out in Kara and Gruul.
  • The Covenant of Syrinx on Llane-H is seeking mature players tired of PUGs and seeking good guild groups for the later 5mans, and later on, Karazhan and Zul'Aman.
  • Intensity on Kilrogg is a guild with a great raiding background looking for more great raiders of almost all different classes for SSC and the Eye three times a week.
  • Eternium Raiders on Shu'halo-A needs healers and DPS to fill out a group of 25 for late game raiding.
That's it for this week's GW. Remember, send your tips on drama, downed, or recruiting news to Until next week, happy raiding!

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