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Jack Tretton wishes Microsoft's Peter Moore "best of luck"


The oft-tattooed Microsoft executive, Peter Moore, is finally saying goodbye to the system he helped make a success. Moore was always opinionated, and could be seen bad-mouthing the PlayStation more than once. In fact, one time, he called the system a "Dreamcast."

Moore is now going off to EA, an important third-party partner to Sony. We're hoping he won't bring a Microsoft-flavored bias to the company (although one wonders if that's already in place). It seems that SCEA President Jack Tretton is also looking to ensure good relations with Moore: "We wish Peter the best of luck in his new role at Electronic Arts and look forward to working with him. We have an outstanding relationship with EA and their sports products have been incredibly successful on all our platforms. I am sure this will continue with Peter now at the helm."

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