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Make yourself a Link from Legos

Justin McElroy

We know you're tired of hearing it from your significant other. "If you don't get this pile of tiny yellow, red and green Legos out of our dining room, I'm sleeping at my parents' house," he or she will say. "This pile of tiny Legos is destroying our marriage!" We feel your pain. We know that having tiny yellow, red and green Legos around just makes you feel safe. But allow us this modest, marriage-saving proposal: Make them into the shape of Link.

Think of it! Finally, the shouting matches will stop and you'll even have a tiny Hyrulian hero watching over you, like the Tiki idol from that episode of The Brady Bunch. Except it's helpful, not cursed. ... Well, we don't think it will be cursed. Just be careful not to spill any lamb's blood or speak backwards while you're making it.

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