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PSP-2000 Japanese street date is Sept. 20


Sony has given the PSP-2000 (you must be joking with the name) a Japanese release date of Sept. 20. The handheld will release for ¥19,800 ($162) in six colors (black, white, silver and three pastels). If you'd like to know more about the gooey innards of the machine, feel free to check out what we learned from the manual. The PSP Lite PSP Slim PSP-2000 units will cost $199 in the US for an entertainment pack and $169 for the stand alone, they'll replace the original PSP model the same way the DS Lite replaced the phat.

What's with the awful names being banged around? Seriously, did nobody at Sony realize that the year 2000 happened seven years ago and calling the system the PSP-2000 seems just a tad counter-intuitive? Whatever, maybe it's just the Japanese name, although David Reeves seems to clearly say it's PSP-2000 for the Europeans as well. We'll find out soon enough when we get the North American presser with a release date.

Update: Yes, PSP-2000 is the model number (as PSP-1000 was the original). However, it is being referred to by Reeves (check the link above) and in widely reported articles as the PSP-2000 like that's the name. It will still be officially known as the PSP, as Sony is not rebranding the unit to differentiate it in consumer's minds. So the choice of Sony executives, instead of giving it a sexy name, is referring to it as the PSP 2000.

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