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Samsung's SGH-i620 set to hit Vodafone UK's shelves


There it is friends, the Samsung SGH-i620 in glorious black and white, posing for us as it gets primmed and propered for its launch on Vodafone UK. This nifty Windows Mobile 6 Standard slider has been covered in the past, but we now know that is sports a 2 megapixel cam and we hope an improvement on the i600's d-pad. Still no word on GSM frequencies, or -- the rumored -- HSDPA support, but we assume its launch in the United Kingdom precludes its arrival over here any time soon. No other solid details yet, but as soon as Vodafone updates its "Coming Soon" pages, we'll do the same here. In the interim, here's hoping we hear word of an SGH-i627.

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