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Tiny little papercraft iPhone


DS Fanboy's Alisha Karabinus sent us this one, and I have to agree with her. While I'm not normally a man to call things cute (except in that derogatory sense: "Oh, you only beat Halo 2 on Normal difficulty? That's cute."), this papercraft iPhone is so tiny that it is, in point of fact, "cute."

I'm not sure why Junyang chose to make it so small (other than the obvious fact that smaller things are cute), but it's pretty impressive that he got a papercraft item that size to look so much like an iPhone. He even made a scale charger and cradle for it, and the box it came in. He even replicated the instruction manual for it! He's a madman!

But it does look cool. If a more to-size iPhone is your pleasure, there are a few different print-and-cut models floating around. And I'm pretty sure you're just one Photoshop scale away from shrinking it down to a size like this. Of course, in just a few years, they'll be this size anyway ("the iPhone Pico"), but until then we've got papercrafters to show us the cuteness.

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