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Apple expands campuses in Austin and Cupertino


As AAPL continues to fly, Apple is apparently eating up all the real estate they can find. AppleInsider reports that Apple is going to expand their Austin, TX campus by building an 80,000 square foot building (at 12565 Riata Vista Circle). Apple's not saying what they're using it for, but the Austin Statesman reports that there have been ads floating around for iPhone tech support jobs.

And speaking of Jobs, the man himself apparently showed up in a Cupertino, CA City Council meeting recently, saying that they bought up "every little scrap of building we could find in Cupertino," which makes Apple Cupertino's "largest taxpayer," according to Jobs himself. Jobs shouldn't worry though-- the money is going to a great cause. All this real estate purchasing is funding none other than the self-proclaimed "ranked #1 library in the US: the Santa Clara County Cupertino Library.

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